We are officially chillin’. Blenny is open!

Blenny is a creative company for the greater Raleigh-Durham area and beyond (like, anywhere).

Our work encompasses graphic art and identity branding, products and packaging, illustrations and animation, advertising and communications. Our best is with branding and illustrative work.

Currently, we are one person: me, Brett Zeck. My goal is to love what I create and to create good things for my community. The mission is to balance a big vision with a love for the little details; i.e. making you look your best.

Blenny is available to take any questions or big ideas you may have as a business owner or passerby. Hit us up and we’ll get back to you soon!

As visual designers, the artist and the thinker in us look to create beautiful work people not only appreciate in theory but in practice. Good design can only be elevated by great user experience. Along with trained minds in proper research, typography, color theory, and totality, to name a few. (Leave it to us!)

What does Blenny mean, or stand for?

If you can figure out the acronym, I’ll give you a free T-shirt of your choice.

How much are your services?

A lot of your questions about our services can be answered here.